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Queen's Mobile Café

In today's world, we are constantly on the move; shouldn't our coffee be as well? 

Here's our dynamic approach to serving you our delicious, healthier blends–
Denean The Coffee Queen is proud to introduce the Queen's Mobile Café! We are excited to serve you our delicious, healthier beverages on-the-go in the greater Columbia area.

The Queen's Mobile Café will serve your favorite beverages like hot and iced coffees, hot and iced teas, flavored and specialty coffees, and delicious seasonal drinks. We also have pastries, breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruit, and charcuterie boxes filled with delicious cheeses, meats, and crackers. These snacks are perfect for grabbing on the go for a quick breakfast or lunch.

We also sell some of our coffee bags straight from the Mobile Café.

You can find us at events, festivals, or neighborhoods near you. Come try our flavorful blends at events like the South Carolina State Farmers Market, US #1 Metro Flea Market, Soda City, local celebrations and festivals, business parks, and community neighborhoods.

Catch us at Moncrief Medical Center every Tuesday- Thursday from 9 AM-1 PM.

Keep up with us on social media and find our upcoming locations on our Facebook page.

Email info@deneanthecoffeequeen for more information. We will email you back ASAP to confirm/ edit your booking and to discuss any additional information we need from you. 

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