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New Blends New Friends


Each quarter we introduce our new blends to the marketplace at our NBNF event. We hope to receive feedback on our new product choices so we can continue serving delicious, healthier coffee that you love! This event allows coffee lovers to meet and network while tasting a new blend(s) from Denean The Coffee Queen. The event has networking sessions using "breakout rooms" where coffee lovers in our community and all around the nation have a chance to meet. The morning is filled with fun games and surprises. Each quarter, we have a grand prize giveaway that one lucky attendee takes home. The last event, we gave away a brand new cold brew maker!


Once every quarter.

The event typically takes place in person, but in adhering to COVID- 19 guidelines, this quarter's NBNF will be hosted virtually through Zoom on coming soon.




How do I participate?


Registration link coming soon.

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