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About The Company

Denean The Coffee Queen

Introducing Our Core Values



Our mission is to provide a delicious healthier beverage to 1% of North America's consumers using our certified organic products and services.  We'd like to provide ways and means to nonprofit organizations to raise money for their organizational needs using our products and services.


Our Core Values are ones we live by daily, which are Customer Satisfaction, Customer Appreciation, Quality Customer Service, and Customer Relations. Yes, it’s all about our Customers.  Excellent service is a priority, business integrity is not negotiable.

- Customer loyalty programs are available!


Our vision is to create a culture of healthy beverage drinkers. We will do this by providing Certified Organic products. Within the next 5-10 years, we aim to create this a culture of Four Million Customers within North America alone.

We Are A Veteran Owned Healthier Beverage Company!

We love Coffee Lovers! As a professional healthier beverage Vendor, we provide convenient, top-notch products & services, competitive pricing, and a proven fund raiser program.   We are a benefit to your organization, church, fund raiser project or yourself, we can provide a wonderful and happy experience. Simply put, they will enjoy our delicious healthier beverages, one cup at a time.


We’d like to make your buying experience hassle free, your delivery worry-free, and your purchasing cost price-compatible for personal and organizational use. With our company processes, we make it easy and more convenient to keep the designated Coffee Café and Break-room areas well stocked. This, of course pleases everyone and every type of company and clients that secures our services. From 20 employees to 500 employees we can create a wonderful healthier hot or cold beverage experience.  We are excited to inform you that procuring The Coffee Queen's services will give you a sense of dependability & satisfaction.  We have clients in: