As a Veteran Owned Small Business, the Mission is to provide a healthier alternative to North America’s Coffee & Tea Drinkers, one cup and one business at a time. Selfless service is the norm and not the exception!

We can't wait for you to taste our coffee!

Serving delicious and healthier coffee, one cup at a time.

Welcome! I’m Denean Ambersley,  the CEO of Denean The Coffee Queen. I’m a coffee connoisseur and retailer, specializing in healthier coffee, tea, and cocoa beverages.


Our mission is to provide a healthier alternative to coffee and tea drinkers, one cup and one business at a time.  We serve individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and the private sector assuring excellent products and customer service – satisfaction guaranteed.

As a 30-year U.S. Army Veteran, I know that I have a duty to fulfill my obligations. As a business owner, that means leadership, integrity, loyalty and customer service are my top priorities.


We are an Independent National Distributor using our Specialty Gourmet Arabica Coffee Products grown from Central and South America. The Coffee Queen believes good health is slow brewed, not instant.

The Coffee Queen provides Certified Organic & Fair Trade Coffee to Individuals, Small Businesses, Private Sectors and Corporations to include their customers (waiting areas) who are avid coffee Drinkers.  This is the perfect way to enjoy your way to good health as coffee lovers.


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Introducing Our Core Values 


Denean The Coffee Queen, LLC provides delicious brands and flavors of Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, and Water services to commercial and residential buildings in the form of Monthly Subscriptions. Our Mobile Coffee Concierge Services provides a mini Continental Breakfast or Coffee Services with light refreshments (pastries & fruit) for those early morning meetings, workshops, and conferences. Our Gift Service Department offers Coffee or Tea gifts for all holidays, birthdays, appreciations, and recognitions; these gifts may be uniquely customed and has been a hit with the Coffee and Tea Lovers across our Nation...yes, we ship throughout the US, and in some countries.  Our Core Values are ones we live by daily, which are Customer Satisfaction, Customer Appreciation, Customer Service, and Customer Relations. Yes, it’s all about our Customers. - Serving A Delicious Healthier Alternative, One Cup At A Time! 




Our Values were developed under the auspice of being a 30-year Army Veteran.  Excellent Service is a priority, Business Integrity is not negotiable. Duty to fulfill our obligations are a priority, and Selfless Service is the norm, not the exception!



Our Vision is to create a Culture of Healthy Coffee and Tea drinkers. We will do this by providing and educating on the health benefits of Certified Organic products. We will distribute Delicious Specialty Gourmet hot beverages using online and traditional marketing strategies, this includes a Mobile Coffee Concierge Service. Within the next 5 to 10 years, we aim to create this culture within North America.

We are a Coffee & Tea Concierge Cafe! 

We love Coffee! As an SC Registered Vendor, & Coffee Concierge Company, we provide convenient top-notch service; competitive pricing; and long-term business values that will be a benefit to your staff, company, church, residence hall, or you name it and we can provide a wonderful and happy coffee experience. Simply put, they will enjoy our Delicious Coffees, Teas, or Coco, one cup at a time.


We’d like to make your buying experience hassle free. And, your delivery worry-free; and your purchasing cost effective for the facility. With our company process, we make it easy and more convenient to keep the designated Coffee Café areas well stocked. This, of course, pleases everyone and every type of company and client that secures our services. From 5 employees to 500 employees we can create a wonderful cup of coffee or tea. We are excited to inform you, procuring The Coffee Queen's services will give you a sense of dependability and comfort and make it even easier and more convenient for people to drink their delicious coffees or teas morning to night. We have clients in:


 Denean is amazing. I recently helped organize a training event for 60-70 people and we hired Denean to provide her coffee concierge service. She is very professional and even scouted the venue ahead of time to insure there were no issues the day of the event. She not only handled setup and tare down but the coffee, pastries, and fruit were wonderful. I highly recommend her services if you are looking for a unique experience with A+ service.

Jason, Columbia, SC


Denean, thank you for a wonderful set up for our meeting this morning. The coffee and everything associated with it was delicious. Everything that you did was done with great thought, from the coffee, foods and set up. Thank you for a job well done.

Loraine, Columbia, SC


I’m not much of a coffee drinker but as motivated as the Coffee Queen is about her product makes me want to drink more. She very dedicated to what she’s doing and the products that she sells and stands behind it 💯!!! You gotta love ❤️



Cannot say enough about the Coffee Queen’s tea. I drink coffee at most 4 times in a year, but tea for me is a different story. I can drink in excess of 4 cups in a day. My favorite is the red tea. I drink it either with lemon & honey or honey alone & both are EXCEPTIONALLY good, full of flavor & addicting. I’ve also tried the hot chocolate, which is also delightfully delicious; most especially in these frigid temperatures here in Philly. Try them, you will not be disappointed!

Zatanya, Philadelphia, Pa


As a Registered Nurse, and a Health and Wellness educator for 22 years, I am a very health conscious person, I care for myself with Herbs.  Ganoderma coffee is more alkaline and I don’t get jitters.  I take it for everything I would use herbs for.

-Cheryl – Ed.D, Health News


I suffer from the Common Cold each Winter/Fall seasons; I was introduced to the Ganoderma infused Tea, and I noticed right away, my cold symptoms disappeared. 

Rebecca, Heidelberg, Germany


As a Small Business Owner, I provide the Ganoderma infused Coffee and Tea to my employees and clients.  The employees insist that keep it in both Offices.  Can you say Preferred Customers?

Javis Financial Services,  Columbia, SC   

(803) 602-5358

Located in Columbia, SC


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